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Objectives & Level of Play by Grade


For brand new players, Mini-Laxers learn the fundamentals of the game in a safe and welcoming environment.   Mostly Kindergarteners and 1st graders who want to try and sport out, Mini-Laxers...

  • Practice 10-12 times per season

  • Use sticks and by the end of the season, gloves

  • Play with tennis or softer balls

  • Work with MHS players and parent volunteers

  • Have FUN!


Junior Bulldogs

For new and emerging players in the first and second grade.  These boys play small side games in full lacrosse gear against their fellow Montclair teammates.  In-house players...

  • Wear Full Lacrosse Gear

  • Learn to play as a team on a half field

  • Play 8-10 in-house games a season

  • Practice 20-30 times per season

  • Have FUN!

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3rd-8th Travel

Our main lacrosse program takes all players and integrates them into grade-specific teams.  Each team has a head coach and several parent or staff assistant coaches.  All spring players...

  • Wear Full Lacrosse Gear

  • Practice 30-40 times

  • Compete in 10-12 local games

  • Play against teams in the area

  • Have FUN!

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