"Game Day" Information

Traditional third party club programs are focused on playing in tournaments, which are expensive and inflexible in terms of dates and schedules.  We are shifting our competitive gameplay away from those standard tournaments to "Game Days" that we will put together ourselves

What are Game Days?

“Game Days” are what we are calling competitive play opportunities that we put together ourselves, giving us flexibility in terms of levels of competition, duration, and format. They might be Invitationals against other town programs, Blue/White scrimmages, 10vs10 or smaller sided 7vs7 games.  Rest assured these will be fun, competitive, and aligned with the skill levels of the players.

Game Days allow us to:

  • schedule our events to avoid typical tournament dates in case some of our players want to play with a third-party club and with Futures
  • lower costs allow more players to have an off-season experience, also makes playing both third party club and Futures more financially viable
  • tune competitions to be more aligned with the skill and experience levels of each of our different age groups, ideally with more touches for all



SCHEDULE 2021-2022


June 2022 Game Days/Tournament: 

June 5, 2022

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The Lacrosse Club of Montclair has been growing the game of lacrosse in Montclair and the surrounding region since 1962.  Our mission is to instill the love of this great game in the hearts of Montclair’s boys and their families from a very young age through High School and beyond.

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