Montclair Lacrosse Recruiting Information

Recruiting Process:

The sport of lacrosse has grown exponentially across the United States and in the world today. Because of this, it is as competitive as ever when it comes to being recruited to play college lacrosse. The 3 most important things to consider and take action on are the following: Academic Standing, Athletic Standing/Performance, Communication

Academic Standing

Important Information related to Academic Standing and Lacrosse Recruiting

  • The higher your academic standing (GPA/coursework), the more marketable you are to college lacrosse programs and their coaches
  • The higher your academic standing (GPA/coursework), the more options you will have to play lacrosse in college
  • Prioritize your schoolwork and challenge yourself with Honors and AP courses
  • Prioritize the SAT and ACT, find and use preparation and a tutor
  • Develop successful relationships with your teachers, guidance counselors, and coaches for potential recommendations


Athletic Standing/Performance

Important information related to Athletic Standing/Performance and Lacrosse Recruiting

  • Be a multi-sport athlete. College lacrosse coaches love multi-sport athletes
  • Be realistic with yourself regarding what level of college lacrosse you are trying to play.
  • Have an honest conversation with Coach Diehl as to what level of college lacrosse he thinks is realistic for you
  • Play Club Lacrosse in the offseason (summer/fall). There are many different teams to choose from. Find a club that best suits your needs and level of play. Club lacrosse programs will help put you in front of college lacrosse coaches and the recruiting process. Some are better than others. Do your homework before deciding on one.
  • Play in Fall and Summer events with the Montclair HS team. Coach Diehl and staff will continue to develop you in the offseason. They will provide exposure to college coaches. They will also reach out to college coaches on your behalf.
  • Begin a consistent weight training program starting your Freshman year
  • Begin a consistent speed and agility program starting your Freshman year



  • Create a list of a minimum of 5 colleges you are very confident you could get into academically and play at realistically
  • Create a list of a minimum of 5 colleges that are considered “reach schools” both academically and at a lacrosse level
  • Make sure the schools that you list has a major(s) that you may be interested in pursuing study
  • Have a highlight video and game clips ready to send along with your emails (see examples at bottom of page)
  • Draft and send an email to the college coaches of those schools, include the following:
    • Introduce yourself (Name, year, position, height, weight)
    • High School you play for
    • Club Team that you play for
    • Specifically, why are you interested in attending the university and playing for their lacrosse program?
    • Including any accomplishments/playing information that stands out (# years on varsity, awards, other sports played)
    • Include any academic information (GPA, SAT/ACT score, AP courses)
    • Should be written professionally, with no errors (first impressions are meaningful)
    • Include game tape and a highlight video
    • Include a schedule of tournaments and events that you are participating in
    • Let Coach Diehl and staff know so they can follow up, if appropriate
  • Reply to college coaches in a timely manner

Sample Highlight Reels