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The Montclair Athletic Club was a sports venue for men started in 1890’s at 201 Valley Road in Montclair, NJ. The precursor to the club was the Montclair Baseball Club which existed from 1883 to 1890. In 1895 The Montclair Athletic Club formed a hockey team. They were part of the American Amateur Hockey League.  With no rink of their own they called the Clermont Avenue Rink (Brooklyn, NY) home from 1897–98, and from 1898–99 they called the St. Nicholas Rink (Manhattan, NY) home.

The MAC was home to many sporting events with lacrosse pick-up games taking place as early as 1893.  In 1897 a Lacrosse team was formed and the MAC hired the “Father of Lacrosse in America” John R. Flannery to coach the Team.  Games were scheduled with Stevens Institute, NYU, City College of New York, Crescent Athletic Club and Toronto University.  On June 5th 1897 the MAC notched their first all-time victory beating Stevens Institute of Hoboken 8-0.

1930's MAC action Photo Brunswick Rd in the bacground
MAC 1893 Valley Rd

Lacrosse continued to be played at the Montclair Athletic Club up to the beginning of World War II.  Not until the late 1950’s does another lacrosse club appear in Montclair.  Duncan Sinnock who was a quarterback for MHS in the mid-1950’s played lacrosse at Hobart before returning to MHS as a teacher/coach.  Coach Sinnock had helped to start the Montclair Lacrosse Association (MLA) around 1959.  The MLA was comprised of mostly college graduates with some high school age players who practiced lacrosse at Anderson Park. By 1962 Duncan would be coaching the first club lacrosse team at Montclair High School.

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The Lacrosse Club of Montclair has been growing the game of lacrosse in Montclair and the surrounding region since 1962.  Our mission is to instill the love of this great game in the hearts of Montclair’s boys and their families from a very young age through High School and beyond.

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