Sunday: 11:00AM-12:00PM – Woodman (Turf)

Since this is a non-competitive learning environment, there won’t be any official lacrosse games, but TONS of fun lax related games and activities to keep the boys active and running almost the whole time.  We will work in some fun 3v3 games towards the end of our season.

Gear Requirements.  This group uses only sticks and uses softballs (pinkies or tennis balls).  We are playing on Turf, so sneakers or turf shoes are needed.  Sports shorts, t-shirts or other sports clothes are necessary.  The weather may be an issue so on those early season days, sweatshirts and sweatpants are welcome layers.  Towards the end of the season, we will be suggesting that some of the boys start wearing lacrosse gloves as getting that “feel” down will help them in the long run.  Totally optional, of course.  We will put names on t-shirts each week, again, b/c the coaches want to know your son’s name and this helps.  If you can put your son’s name on a piece of tape on the front of their T-shirt BEFORE each practice, that would be helpful.  Since getting this group going is sometimes time-consuming at this age, we ask that you bring your boys to practice early so they can be suited up and ready by the time practice starts.  We only have 1 hour each week.

Generally, the coaches will also do their best to monitor the boys’ sticks to make sure it remains in good working order.  Checking with Howie at All Lacrosse is a good way to make sure your son’s stick is up to snuff.  Other gear issues:  Put your son’s name and your email or cell # on your son’s stick.  Also, we do recommend that the players take care of and carry gear on and off fields – not the parents.

The Program.  Each week, we will start out with a ten-minute 1:1 “skills development” section and we ask that each child have an adult to help out.  This will include tossing and catching balls either with your boy or another boy in the program.  No special training is necessary, but you would need to be able to toss and catch a tennis ball.

After that, we will gather up the boys, do a team “run” and then a dynamic stretching warm-up that mirrors the warm-up that the older boys do.  At that time, we would ask most parents to head over to the sidelines – that said, if you are interested in participating more in the practice, please let me know.  We need always need extra hands to help coach-- no knowledge of lacrosse is necessary but if someone has the experience, so much the better.  Please raise your hand and stick around to help out.

Once we gather back around, we will engage the boys in fun lax related games with the sneaky purpose of teaching skills without them necessarily realizing it!

We will likely be working from the program for 5-7-year-olds from US lacrosse (

At our last session, we will have a special fun event and all mini-laxers should participate in our end of season program-wide celebration at Anderson Park.

Some general points:

Pick-up/Drop off and Parents at Practices – We expect that most parents will stick “around” and able to assist their boys when required.  For those dropping off their boys, please be respectful of the coaches’ time by picking up your son at the end of practice, not 15 minutes after because the line for coffee at Local was long.

Safety First – In the highly unlikely event of an injury, coaches will contact parent/caregiver immediately with info from Teamsnap so please make sure that cell #s are there. Lacrosse is generally a safe sport, and data suggests much safer than other popular sports, such as soccer.

The Weather May Suck.  In the event of lightning (or any other dangerous weather), we will leave the field and our meeting place during lightning is on the covered steps area on the North Fullerton side of Watchung School across the street. In the event that it is raining, please be aware that practice could end early due to lightning so early pickup should be expected.

Special Issues - If your son has an allergy, a history of concussions or a re-occurring injury or other issues we should be aware of, please let us know.

Coaching Staff.  Beyond the regular coaches, we will have members of the Montclair High School boys team will join us each week to help keep our coach-player ratio under 5:1. Again, if you are interested in joining the staff, we’d love to have you participate. Let me know.

Communications.  We'll be using Team Snap to send out any notices in terms of cancellations and the like.  It’d be great to let us know that your son will be with us so we can plan accordingly in terms of the number of HS boys needed each week.

Thanks and Go Blue!  Thanks for loaning us your sons for this short period of time to allow us to show them the game we love.  Almost everyone who is coaching was once a young child standing where your sons are now.

Any questions?  Email me at

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Andrew Gelman
Andrew Gelman