NEW FOR 2022 - Boys’ and men's field players must wear chest protection that meets the ND200 standard. 

Lacrosse Chest Protector FAQ


For Mini Laxers (K-1), only a regulation lacrosse stick is required (will need to be cut down; check-in with your coaches once the season starts. When buying a complete stick (plastic head and alloy shaft) stick will be between 40" and 42".

After Mini-Laxers, all players are required to have full equipment (stick, mouth guard plus body protection), rules set by NJLLA and U.S. Lacrosse, and High School Athletics.

Full Equipment Consists of the Following Gear:

  1. Regulation Lacrosse Stick
  2. Lacrosse Helmet with 4-point Chin Strap (youth designated or one of the "fits-most" designated helmets designed for young adults to adult) and colored Mouth Guard (not clear or white). Helmet shell should be standard white in color with black or chrome facemask.
  3. Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
  4. Lacrosse Arm/Elbow Pads or Arm/Elbow Guards (Pads vs guards vs elbow vs arm varies by manufacturer and type).
  5. Lacrosse Gloves
  6. Athletic Supporter/Cup
  7. Performance Footwear/Cleats or Turf Shoes with nubbies on the bottom; practice and game fields will either by on natural grass, field turf (fake grass), or old-style astroturf in one or two cases). Running shoes/sneakers, skateboard sneakers (Sketchers, etc.), fashion sneakers (New Balance, other brands), HAVE NO LATERAL SUPPORT! and can lead to injury!  Performance footwear/cleats are required for 5th-8th grade.  Baseball cleats are prohibited. Check with your coach in other grades.
  8. Goal-tenders:  Need more specialized equipment:
    1. Lacrosse Goalie Lacrosse Stick: oversized head with either a regular "field" length shaft or goalie shaft (goalie shaft is a little sit longer; depends on age, size and playing style of player).
    2. The helmet must have a hard plastic throat guard that is bolted or attached at earlobes.  It comes in clear or black normally. Colored Mouth Guard required as well; cannot use white or clear in color.
    3. Goalie Chest Protector: more protection in mid-section and body area than regular "field player" shoulder pads.  NEW REQUIREMENTS ARE IN PLACE FOR CHEST PADS - PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR SUPPLIER
    4. Goalie specific cup/athletic supporter recommended; usually compression type short with insert pocket.
    5. Lacrosse Gloves; Goalie-specific lacrosse gloves recommended due to added protection features such as reinforced protection for thumbs.
    6. Elbow pads or Arm Pads/Guards are now required for all K-8 Grades, with no exceptions, and players will not be allowed to play by game officials (new rule, 2016).
    7. Performance Footwear (described earlier above) or Lacrosse Cleats (baseball cleats prohibited).
  9. Optional for K-8th Grade: shin guards, football hip protecting compression shorts, etc.

For more information about rules & equipment, see Lacrosse Rules @ or here.




Montclair is lucky in that there are area retailers who specialize in lacrosse and have either affordable price-tiered equipment packages based on age/sometimes skill level as well as advanced products.  Retailers that have worked with LCM:



All players are responsible for providing their own equipment, HOWEVER, for newcomers, we do not want the cost of equipment to prevent a child from trying the sport. We understand parents’ concern about buying equipment when unsure whether or not their son will stick with it, so we have some lightly used equipment available to lend for a season or program.  Those interested should contact our registrar at with “Request for Loaner Gear” in the subject line.

This is a new program open to first-time Boys Youth Lacrosse players registered to Lacrosse Club of Montclair’s programs with full program payment (or scholarship approval) and is available for new gear from All Lacrosse.   The process is simple...

You will go to All-Lacrosse to have your son be properly fitted for a full set of new boys Lacrosse gear which includes the following items (the “Gear”): (a) Lacrosse Helmet; (b) Lacrosse stick; (c) Set of Lacrosse Pads include shoulder pads and arm pads; (d) Lacrosse gloves; and (e) a mouthguard. Note:  Players must provide their own sneakers/cleats and protective cup.  The Gear Value is $300.

You commit to the following as it relates to the Gear:

  1. Keep it in your possession and avoid loss, damage, and theft;
  2. Use it only for the purposes intended;
  3. Any required maintenance must be done at All-Lacrosse
  4. Keep the Gear in good working order (except normal wear and tear) without any unauthorized modifications (e.g. painting the helmet).

You agree to pay $300 by the end date of the program for which you are getting the gear, of which a $75 non-refundable down payment/rental fee is due when you get the Gear.  (Payment plans & need-based discounts are available.) If the player does not want to continue with Lacrosse, you may return the Gear at any time prior to that end date to get a refund of any sums paid over the non-refundable $75. If the Gear is lost, modified, damaged, or otherwise not returned by that end date, it will be considered purchased by you and any unpaid balances will be due at that time.

If interested in this program, please reach out to Howie at All Lacrosse, 147 Valley Road, Montclair, NJ 07042.  973-509-0303 or  

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