About The Lacrosse Club of Montclair


THE LACROSSE CLUB OF MONTCLAIR has been growing the game of lacrosse in Montclair and the surrounding region since 1962.  Our mission is to instill the love of this great game in the hearts of Montclair’s boys and their families from a very young age through High School and beyond.  We currently run boys K-8 programs in the Spring season and have additional training options in the off-season.  Through the tireless efforts and generosity of our numerous volunteers, supporters, and alumni, we strive to keep the play local, affordable, fun, and of the highest caliber.


THE LACROSSE CLUB OF MONTCLAIR is a charter member of the New Jersey Junior Lacrosse League, a Chapter of U.S. Lacrosse. U.S. Lacrosse is the national governing body of the sport of lacrosse in the U.S.  We are dedicated to developing youth lacrosse players in a positive environment that mixes the best of timeless coaching values with the latest in training methodologies. 


A trend has arisen in youth athletics where kids select a single sport and play year-round.  This flies in the face of the latest physiological research that indicates the healthiest, most well-rounded way for kids to develop is for them to play multiple sports. Montclair Lacrosse has always encouraged our players to try and play other sports in other seasons. The lessons learned on the gridiron, court, and rink often directly translate to the lacrosse field.


Participation requires enthusiasm, a love of the game, and 100% effort. To fully develop, we expect players to commit to attending all practices and games in their entirety, and keep their coach informed if there are any necessary misses or conflicts.


Never played before?  No problem!  We have a long history of inclusiveness and work to ensure that the bar for entry is very low.  We keep our fees modest and provide need-based scholarships and equipment.  See below for more information on our programs, and contact our registrar with any questions you may have:  info@montclairlacrosse.com


Come find out what it means to play this action-packed, high-scoring, dynamic sport, the“Fastest Game on Two Feet!”.  


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