Montclair High School Boys Lacrosse

Mission Statement.  We will work to create a positive and productive lacrosse program for Montclair High School student-athletes and our community, with a focus on positive contribution to the community, academic responsibility and accountability, and success on the field.


Coaching Philosophy.  There are numerous parallels between team sports and the real world. As coaches, we need to consider not just what we are doing, but why we are doing it. Winning is our number one priority on the field, but equally important is our responsibility to mold our players into mature, young men who can contribute to society the correct way and be held accountable. 


Attendance Expectations

  • You are responsible for being at any team event: fundraiser, film, practice, game, lift, etc. This includes all of Spring Break.
  • You are responsible for being at community events/working with the youth program.
  • If you go to a tutorial or have a school priority as to why you are late, you must have a signed note from your teacher saying where you were.


Team Rules

  • You have made a commitment to be here. Missing practices, meetings, games, etc. will have a direct effect on your playing time. Must be accountable.
  • No individual is above the team. Lacrosse is a team sport. All players will follow the team rules and expectations.
  • Must show up on time. Showing up on time is not walking in 2 minutes before a practice or meeting. It is showing up 20-30 minutes before the start and preparing yourself beforehand.
  • Misbehavior in school and out of school will have direct consequences based on severity. You are representing the MHS Lacrosse Program in and out of school. Act accordingly. Refrain from actions which would bring disgrace to yourself, your team, your family, and your school.
  • No bullying. Bullying has become a major problem in high school sports. Students will be informed of what is considered bullying and realize there is a zero-tolerance policy.
  • Attendance at fundraising and team building events are mandatory!
  • I want to receive a call from you if you have an emergency and need to miss a practice/game/team event. Do not text or tell someone to tell me. I need to hear from you.
  • Drinking and use of drugs are prohibited. Zero tolerance policy. Tobacco use is prohibited.
  • Respect staff and administration during the day.
  • Injuries must be reported as soon as possible. If you are injured you must let me know and go to the trainer.
  • Refrain from playing another sport during the lacrosse season. You are weakening the team by doing so and are not fully committed.


Player Expectations

  • Show up 100% ready to go physically
  • Show up 100% ready to go mentally
  • Compete with one another every day on the practice field
  • Carry yourself when off the field appropriately. You are representing MHS Lacrosse.
  • Carry yourself appropriately in the classroom and during the school day
  • Must meet academic standards to play. If struggling need to see the effort, go to the tutorial.
  • Be a team player. Positivity is a must.
  • Respect and communicate with ALL members of the coaching staff.


Parent Expectations

  • Respect the coaches’ decisions and their process. The coaches and players need your support to maintain structure and accountability on the team. Respectful communication is key for staying on the same page.
  • Encourage your son to follow the team and school rules. Support the actions and decisions of the staff to hold your son accountable for their actions.
  • Encourage positive behavior regarding school and education.
  • Cheer, and focus your energy on our team and players only.  There should be no communication towards the opponent team or towards the referees. You too are representing the MHS Lacrosse Program through your actions.
  • Comparison to other athletes is discouraged. Allow your athlete to perform and progress at a level consistent with his ability. An athlete’s self-confidence and self-image will be improved with support on all fronts. Help them embrace their role. Coaches will not discuss the business of another player with parents.
  • Support the booster club. Make an effort to contribute in any way you can.
  • Help make the full commitment of your son possible.
  • Respect your child’s role on the team. This is extremely important for the team to be successful. Not everyone will be a starter, not everyone will play on a regular basis, but everyone is important to the team.
  • Encourage your child to be well rounded. Many athletes enjoy participating in several sports, and various activities. Specialization in American culture is a growing concern for coaches and has the potential to limit a young person's potential.
  • Communicate with the Head Coach when you have questions, concerns, or issues that may arise throughout the year regarding your son and the team.  Note:  Parents are discouraged to communicate with coaches when they are coming off of the practice and game field. If you would like to have a meeting with Coach Diehl regarding your son you must email me to set up a meeting at The meeting is to talk about YOUR son. Other players will not be talked about during the meeting.

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About LCM

The Lacrosse Club of Montclair has been growing the game of lacrosse in Montclair and the surrounding region since 1962.  Our mission is to instill the love of this great game in the hearts of Montclair’s boys and their families from a very young age through High School and beyond.

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