MHS Lacrosse - The 1960s

The spark that lit Montclair lacrosse came in the winter of 1962 when then-assistant hockey and Sophomore football coach Duncan Sinnock was approached by several Columbia High School players who recommended that Duncan start a lacrosse club in the spring. Many of the Columbia High School hockey players played lacrosse under the auspice of the Maplewood Lacrosse Club in the spring. Though the request was spread throughout the league, Montclair and Fair Lawn were the only public high schools to field a team in 1962 New Jersey.

Coach Sinnock was a former MHS quarterback who went to Hobart and played lacrosse. Duncan helped start the Montclair Lacrosse Association a couple of years earlier (~1958), which was a club lacrosse team that featured experienced ex-college lacrosse players as well as some inexperienced high school kids.  They practiced and played at Anderson Park.  They were the first lacrosse team in Montclair since the mid 50’s when the Montclair Athletic Club’s Lacrosse team was disbanded. In 1962 Duncan suggested to several of his MHS kids to start a Lacrosse team which was organized as a club sport.

1968 Gibbs RPD Northeast School
1965 MHS Lacrosse Cushman, Harney and Foulkrod

The club team played until 1964 when they were elevated to varsity status at MHS.  Coach Sinnock coached the first two seasons and resigned from teaching/coaching and moved to Vermont before the 1966 season.  Coach Sinnock’ s overall varsity record was 15-9.

Gil Gibbs was named Head Coach for 1966 and coached the Mounties for the next 13 years.  The varsity team improved their record each year for the rest of the ’60s.  The MHS Varsity lacrosse seasons in the 1960s went as follows: 1966- 4-7, 1967-7-9, 1968- 8-6 and 1969-13-3.  1969 also brought home to the Mounties our first (Co) State Championship.  The Mounties finished the ‘60’s with an overall varsity record of 47-34.

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