We aim to develop both the athletic skills and the personal character necessary to succeed on and off the field. We value determination, persistence, selflessness, trust, and good teammanship as necessary skills for individual and team success.

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Welcome to the Lacrosse Club of Montclair Junior Boys Program


THE LACROSSE CLUB OF MONTCLAIR is a charter member of the New Jersey Junior Lacrosse League, a Chapter of U.S. Lacrosse. U.S. Lacrosse is the national governing body of the sport of lacrosse in the U.S.  We are dedicated to developing youth lacrosse players in a positive environment that mixes the best of timeless coaching values with the latest in training methodologies. 

A trend has arisen in youth athletics where kids select a single sport and play year-round.  This flies in the face of the latest physiological research that indicates the healthiest, most well-rounded way for kids to develop is for them to play multiple sports. Montclair Lacrosse has always encouraged our players to try and play other sports in other seasons. The lessons learned on the gridiron, court, and rink often directly translate to the lacrosse field.

Participation on one of our teams requires enthusiasm, a love of the game, and 100% effort. To fully develop, we expect players to commit to attend all practices and games in their entirety, and keep their coach informed if there are any necessary misses or conflicts.



Our coaching staffs are all minimum Tier One Certified through U.S. Lacrosse, have junior, high school and/or college experience as a player and/or a coach. Many of our coaches have experience working with/at lacrosse camps, clinics, and summer travel teams. Additionally, some coaches have experience either professionally or personally, engaging youths as a mentors, volunteers, or teachers. Our aim is to raise the program to the highest of standards possible.



2020 Registration Fees:

Kindergarten- $100

1st & 2nd Grade- $225

3rd- 8th Grade- $350

Note: An additional $30 membership with U.S. Lacrosse, the sport's governing body, is mandatory and provides added insurance for the all youth and high school lacrosse players in the U.S. You will find a link to sign up when you go through our registration process. For further information please contact Jessica Freeman: 


Grades K-2 Program:

Opening Weekend March 28th

The goal of our K-3 program is to develop fundamental skills, a sense of game concepts, and most importantly, a love of the game.  We seek a very high coach-to-player ratio, so kids get focused individual attention.


One hour practices on Sunday.  No pads needed, we will use sticks and soft balls to learn the fundamentals of the game.

Grades 1 & 2:

1.5 hour practices both Saturday and Sunday.  Full equipment needed, skills and drills will focus on mastering the fundamentals of lacrosse.  Boys will have intra team scrimmages to learn game play and positions. 

Grades 3rd-8th Program:

Season starts first week in March

The 3rd-8th Program is designed to further develop (or with newer players, begin to develop) the skill sets needed for competitive play. The 3rd-8th curriculum will see increases in the number of practices, practice locations, and the incorporation of NJJLL sanctioned and officiated “travel” games. Competitive games will be played vs. other programs in northern Essex County and Bergen County. All teams will have a minimum of three sessions per week.  Our goal is to get every player a solid amount of playing times in games, though the amount of playing time is at the coaches' discretion.  When circumstances permit, we schedule "B" level games or "5th quarters" to insure our developing players get game experience.

New players are welcome to join us at any level grade K-8th.  

Montclair Boys Junior Lacrosse (MBJL) offer financial assistance for those in need. We follow the same procedures as the Montclair Recreation and Cultural Affairs department in determining eligibility.

Qualified applicants who receive free lunch services will be eligible for a 75% discount on the MBJL registration fee (not including the mandatory $30 registration fee to U.S. Lacrosse, which provides added insurance coverage).

Qualified applicants who receive reduced lunch (fee) services will be eligible for a 50% discount on the MBJL registration fee (not including the mandatory $30 registration fee to U.S. Lacrosse, which provides added insurance coverage).

Please download and fill out the Financial Assistance Application form (under Printable Forms) and provide a copy of your child's letter of approval for free or reduced lunch from the MPS District. For more information, please contact Jessica Freeman at  BEFORE YOU REGISTER.  All requests will be kept strictly confidential.


Equipment Costs: All players are responsible for providing their own equipment, HOWEVER, for newcomers, we do not want the cost of equipment to prevent a child from trying the sport. We understand parents’ concern about buying equipment when unsure whether or not their son will stick with it, so we have some lightly used equipment available to lend, and we can also work out a rental arrangement for newer equipment.  Those interested should contact our Equipment Manager, Andrew Gelman.  All those interested in looking through donated equipement should email Andrew at .  


For Kindergarteners: Only a regulation lacrosse stick is required (will need to be cut down; check-in with your coaches once season starts). 


For all 1st through 8th grade players: By rule, every player must have full equipment (stick plus body protection) as set by NJLLA and U.S. Lacrosse:

1. Regulation Lacrosse Stick

2. Lacrosse Helmet with 4-point Chin Strap (youth designated or one of the "fits-most" designated helmets designed for young adults to adult.) Ideally helmet shell should be standard white in color with black or chrome facemask.

3. Mouth Guard (colored; not white or clear).

4. Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

5. Lacrosse Arm / Elbow Pads

6. Lacrosse Gloves

7. Athletic Supporter or Compression shorts with cup pocket & Cup

8. Cleats (lacrosse, soccer, football) preferred; playing surfaces of natural grass and artificially turf can get slippery.

Goalie Equipment:  Please talk with your coaches regarding your child's interest in pursuing play in the goal.  We will have equipment on hand for those who want to try it out.  It is a highly appreciated and respected position, and is vital to the success of the program.  In addition to equipment above, goalies must have:

1. Goalie Lacrosse Stick (needs to have a large Goalie head, different from the field sticks).

2. Throat Protector attachment for Lacrosse Helmet

3. Chest Protector (in addition to shoulder pads is the usual norm; as kids get older, they start using the chest protector only).

4. Optional Protection: (especially those brand new to the position and until they get comfortable) shin guards, hip protecting compression shorts, knee pads


Retailer: Montclair is very lucky to have a lacrosse retailer right in town. Howie Schweibel is a special friend of the program and can set you up with equipment that perfectly fits both bodies and budgets.    Please support him!

ALL LACROSSE on Valley Road



Youth sports provide a great opportunity to teach our boys the right way to act.  All coaches and parents in the Montclair lacrosse program are expected to serve as role models for our athletes. Parents who have a complaint--for example maybe feel their son is not receiving a fair amount of playing time--are encouraged to speak with the coach at an appropriate time in a calm manner.  Coaches should never be yelled at.  We encourage all parents either to email your coach or speak to them before or after a practice.  Referees should never be yelled at, no matter how miserable we might think they are. 

The Code of Conduct is a condition of membership for all players, parents, and coaches.  All members who join the Montclair Lacrosse program agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and to be subject to the consequences of violating the code. All enforcement decisions made by the directors of the Montclair Lacrosse program are final and not subject to review. No refunds will be granted to those players dismissed from the Club for violating the Code of Conduct. 

U.S. Lacrosse Youth Council Code of Conduct Statement:

I, as a player, coach, parent, spectator or official, pledge to conduct myself in a manner that complies with the US Lacrosse Youth Council "Code of Conduct" at all times.  Accordingly, I pledge to:

"Honor the Game"

Demonstrate respect to other players, coaches, and parents; officials; and spectators

Uphold the essential elements of the USL Youth Council "Code of Conduct", which are HONESTY and INTEGRITY

Demonstrate and Encourage good sportsmanship and the concepts of fair play

Focus on fun and participation

Know and abide by the Rules of Lacrosse, the established guidelines, and all eligibility requirements

Understand that the safety and welfare of all concerned is the top priority

Support the drug, alcohol, and tobacco free environment that is important for all youth sporting events

Further, I pledge NOT to:

Ever use profanity at a youth event

Criticize coaches, players, or game officials

Touch an opposing player, coach, or game official in a threatening manner


*For more information about rules & equipment, see Lacrosse Rules @ USLacrosse.org:  


*For any other questions or suggestions about our program, contact Will Rosebro,