We aim to develop both the athletic skills and the personal character necessary to succeed on and off the field. We value determination, persistence, selflessness, trust, and good teammanship as necessary skills for individual and team success.

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Team Policy and Code of Conduct

Every successful team understands and follows the team policies and a Code of Conduct. Our CoCis based on the belief that what we do and how we act on and off the field are very much related and reflect the team’s core values. Here are some guidelines:

•We support the school CoC…essentially a suspension on first offense and off the team on the second offense.

•We support a zero tolerance for fighting and the state reserves the right to disqualify teams from the playoffs for fighting or misconduct.

•Cutting class or practice is unacceptable and disrespectful to the school and your team and will have consequences.

•Drinking and smoking are illegal for minors. They are unhealthy. We believe these are not a problem for teams that genuinely want to win. If lacrosse, education, and Montclair are a priority, then these should be relatively easy choices to manage.

•With respect to parental behavior, we hope parents will be positive and understand that we, as coaches, have the best interest in the team and give our best effort to succeed every day. We have an “open door” policy with the players with respect to playing time or other issues and players, not parents, should exercise that right whenever necessary.