We aim to develop both the athletic skills and the personal character necessary to succeed on and off the field. We value determination, persistence, selflessness, trust, and good teammanship as necessary skills for individual and team success.

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"I am attaching a collage of the starting 1965 Midfield. They called themselves "The Black Knights" with pride. They were the Class of '65. Bill Swann #11, Bruce Taylor #36 and face-off man, and Marshall Brewington #27 made up a very strong midfield. With their extensive football experience as both offensive and defensive players (two way players), they brought a physical dimension to the field that intimidated most teams, including Farleigh Dickenson frosh and Stevens frosh (who we beat). The picture did not exist. I created it to help celebrate the first 50 years of lacrosse at MHS. The three individuals formed a mighty midfield unit that could hold there own physically with any middie group the Mounties ever produced and if there was the stick technology who know how good these guys would have been in the Mountie history lore. It was so hard to find a well balanced stick.

We were out there for the fun of it. There was no history, no benchmarks, only the desire to run and hit and score. There were no crowds. Fans were made up of parents who could get there and a few curious friends trying to figure out what the excitement was of running around with sticks and hitting each other with them and with their bodies, in the rain, cold and sometimes snow. Obviously it did catch on! Look what we have today and the history that Montclair HS now has. I am obviously biased but I would put "The Black Knights"right up with the best midfields MHS ever produced. I am sure people will question this statement but then you never saw their desire to physically and emotionally dominate their opponents. If they could have been out there the entire game with that intensity, we might have won all 13 games! "-

-contributed by David Cushman, MHS '65