We aim to develop both the athletic skills and the personal character necessary to succeed on and off the field. We value determination, persistence, selflessness, trust, and good teammanship as necessary skills for individual and team success.

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Montclair High School Alumni Coaches:



Institution Name Class Of Title Years Active
MHS Brian O'Rorke 2000 Varsity Head Coach '13-'16
MHS Pete vonHoffmann 1975 Varsity Head Coach '04-'13
MHS Chris Johnson 1985 Varsity Head Coach '90-'04
MHS Brian Roth 1998 Varsity Assistant '13-Present
MHS Rob Mc Omish 1993 Varsity Assistant '98-'12
MHS Tom Schmitt 1986 Varsity Assistant '90's-00's
MHS Emmanuel Sargent 2004 JV Coach '13-Present
MHS Todd Smith 1975 9th Grade Coach '98-'13
MHS Dave Robotham 2000 Varsity Assistant '13-'14
MHS Matt Trevenen 1998 Varsity Assistant '04
MHS Frank Cosgrove 1998 Varsity Assistant '10-'11
MHS John Schiavone 2005 Varsity Assistant '14
MHS Jim Crane 1998 Volunteer Assistant '13-Present
MHS Ed Nicoll 1987 Volunteer Assist. Goalies '06-'16
MHS Steve Ferretti 1987 Volunteer Assistant '00
MHS Skip Harris 2005 Volunteer Assistant '10
Austin Prep (MA.) David Johnson 1979 Varsity Head Coach  
Montgomery HS Tim Sullivan 1985 Varsity Head Coach  
Montville HS Dean Witty   Varsity HC (MHS '89-'93 HC)  
Newark East Side HS John Dudley 1986 Varsity Head Coach Current
Ramapo HS Jim Hague 1978 Varsity Head Coach  
Ridgewood HS Mike Pounds 1980 Varsity Head Coach Current
Rutgers Prep Mark Tyree 1977 Varsity Head Coach  
Roanoke College Bill Pilat 1981 Varsity Head Coach Current